th400 modifications. Turbo 400 Transmission: Stock Ratio OEM Helical Reaction Carrier. Valve Body Compu-Flow Street/Strip TH-400. Transmission brakes (transbrakes) have been available for the TH400 for decades. Remove the OEM pressure regulator components and replace them with the supplied High Rate Pressure Regulator Spring and Pressure . Precision offers a full line of custom turbochargers, accessories, intercoolers, fuel injectors and stand alone engine management systems. With over 30 years of combined experience building 'em, testing 'em, racing 'em, & selling 'em, we will make your drag racing transmission run more reliable and consistent times. The First and only Pressure release transbrake ever produced for the 2004R. TH400 upgrades the safety standards of your machine while extending the efficiency of your operations. Inputs can be banged out day after day. Service is a big part of what DYNAMIC offers the racer and street enthusiast. It high stalls real nicely and it's a nice drop in rpm while cruising. Pan includes magnetic drain plug, fluid pickup extension (where applicable), pan gasket and new stainless steel installation hardware. price Body Excellent shape, Collectors dream! Tasteful mods. PERFORMANCE TH400 RACING TRANSMISSION (Manual Transbrake) The PerformaBuilt Hydramatic 400 Racing Transmission is a mega-performance transmission capable of +1000 RWHP. Turbo 400 super direct drum kit. How to Rebuild and Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions. A modified original factory drum with this sprag is suitable for most cars making up to 750 ft lbs of torque. DOHC-Max strip and street cams for Supercharged or Nitrous engines. If you are ordering for the first time, the writers at MyPerfectWords. TH350 Transmission Identification, Decoding and Super-Tuning. It is also strongly recommended that you use a new clutch spring, part# 3340, which is stronger. EXtreme Automatics™ 4L80E Stage 2 (Up to 1000 FWHP) BUILD EA Valve Body Rebuild and Mods Billet. Disassemble the Turbo 400 from start to finish. GM TH400/4L80E Direct Clutch PowerPack® Hi-Performance, Racing, Drag Boats, Street Rods. 030" washer under the 3rd accumulator spring, but I …. This model features a chrome plated handle to match your other chrome engine components. Each transmission is custom built to our. Because most TH400 transmissions are used in high load applications, modifying the pressureregulation system for increased or fixed line pressure is common practice for increasing the torque capacity of the transmission. Mouse over to zoom-Click to enlarge. Considering the amount of time that can be wrapped up in the installation of transmissions, converters and. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Edelbrock 1405 carb running rich. Enthusiasts have embraced the reliable GM Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 three-speed automatics for years, and the popularity of these transmissions is not slowing down. 8L Gas Ford Super Duty trucks too!. However the T-56, TR6060, 6L80e, 6L90e will require some trans tunnel mods to fit. This chrome plated dip stick with tube for the GM hydro-matic transmissions is an OEM design which will fit most applications without modification. Turbobandit do upgrade kits for the 772. Pro Mod SFI Stage 5 3 Speed Turbo 400 Rated to 2000 HP BOOK HOW TO REBUILD & MODIFY GM TURBO 400 TRANS TRANSMISSIONS CHEV HOLDEN SA186. If You Have a High Performance TH400 Transmission, You. The pressure switch is located on the righthand side of the trans. This is the inside of a Rolls Royce TH-400 Automatic View the added pump oil passages at the lower portion. Rebuilding the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 transmission is not particularly difficult, but it requires care and attention to detail, and this is where How To Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions comes in. I?m going to be putting a turbo 400 in my truck, and I need to know what needs to be done in the tune to be able to do this. How to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions-Cliff Ruggles 2011 Enthusiasts. Heads, Cam, TH400, 100-Shot 4th Gen. Car Stuff Truck Racing Running Trucks Auto Racing Turbo 400 Teardown-Part 2 Disassemble the Turbo 400 from start to finish. TH400 w/bolt-on yoke, nomral slip yoke work? We're putting tha th400 in Rick's nova and need to know if a normal slip yoke will work? No, you need a yoke that has had the spline removed to seal on the o-ring. Manufactured from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for strength; Powder coated in RED for fluid . While these transmissions are respected for their. How To Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions (S A Design Workbench Series)|Cliff Ruggles, Un-Making Law: The Conservative Campaign To Roll Back The Common Law|Jay Feinman, Divorce And Remarriage: Biblical Principles And Pastoral Practice (Biblical Principle And Pastoral Practice)|Andrew Cornes, Virginia Company Of London, 1607-1624|Beverly Fleet. The Cadillac 472”/500” kit MUST BE PREPAID, as we make them up on a. A 'Must Have' By Wildb on Jul 16, 2015. 4 Power Stroke with a 6BT or ISB Cummins. 6 is an option but I’d prefer to keep the 772. Turbo 400 Tips TH400 Page 3/41. This unit is designed for use with select applications, including GM TH400 and TH350 transmissions. ATI's Turbo 400 Drag Racing Transmission. Share your thoughts Complete your review. Transbrake only works from Manual 1st (prevents accidental engagement when driving) Can be used with stock pan. Install the modified manual valve into valvebody bore, and ensure 5/16. This dump valve can either by controlled by the Hughes controller linked below, or many popular aftermarket ECU's. TH400 rebuild tech - Crankshaft Automatic Transmission Valve Body, Billet Aluminum, Trans-Brake, Full Manual, Reverse Shift Pattern, Chevrolet, TH400, Kit Not Yet Reviewed Part Number: SDM-PCE634-1002 More Detail. I prefer solid teflon, although it is the most time consuming type. PSI sells affordable, in stock, full tech support, plug and play standalone wiring harnesses for lsx and lt1 swaps. Some 1971 and later may also reqire a direct drum change to install this sprag$119. While these transmissions are respected for their durability and versatility, there always comes a point where the old …. You'll need the other housing, check your local trans guys, they will probably want a few bucks, new they are asking upwards of 80-110 on fleabay. Available Soon items may take 2-4 weeks for delivery. Wheels for your GTO to Roll Out in Style. Turbo 400 on sale with Free Shipping, Now offering TH400, TH-400, Monster 400 Transmission, racing Th400 and racing Turbo 400 with new lower prices 0 800-708-0087. Before any upgrades, addons, and/or core charges. Acces PDF Th400 Troubleshooting Guidethe bushing from walking. Our Stage 2 TH400 includes all the components in the Stage 1 rebuild but is upgraded to a 34 element sprag and the corresponding direct drum, 6 clutch direct with carbon based frictions, 4 clutch intermediate, manual/automatic valve body or forward pattern full manual upon request. com can write your essay for free. This raised the RPM’s slightly and I could get it to shift pretty darn quickly. Car runs consitantly at low 11. I've got a 79 cj7 with a automatic th 400 was wondering if the 4. We get most of our TH400 conversion kits from FTI down in Florida. Maximize your horsepower and driveability by tuning your engine to match your modifications to safely make all of the horsepower and torque you can! Made in the USA too! Featured Products View All. The CHEETAH XtremeAction Valve Body includes valve body, pan gasket and step-by-step installation instructions. The following mod are frequently added by our members, decide how far you want to go before you begin. 21 Garrett's NEW G-Series G40 mid-frame turbo packs large-frame power but with quicker spool!. Though, many don't know how much weaker a mid to late 70's TH400 for AMC really is. It is honest, true, fair and duplicable. • (1) Hipster’s Turbo 400 Transbrake Valvebody, • (1) 5/16” Check Ball (Pre-Installed, Greased in Place), • (1) Separator Plate, • (16) Heavy Direct Drum Return Springs, Modify stock T400 manual valve as shown in the drawing below. Also new for TH400 and '95-earlier 4L80-E applications is an adjustable servo pin kit (Part No. All of our radiators are 100% tig welded aluminum. High Performance Parts by Sonnax. Its features include the following components and modifications (nothing but the . 1973-79 Pontiac V8 All Auto Trans Flex Plate sold. The TH350 (Turbo-Hydramatic) transmission identification, decoding, and super-tuning are what sets it apart from other transmissions. 96:1 reduction in low and 1:1 in high range, it was used in a variety of applications from 1969-1980 in Dodge, Ford, GM. a ATG1500 turbine has the 10:1 crankshaft gear reduction for the semi to get about 3. 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions don’t fit without additional modifications. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Includes: adapter plate, hardware, and necessary modification to any Nissan or Infinity bellhousing originally from RE4R03A or 1A transmissions. The adapter material is 356 T-6 heat treated aluminum alloy and the adapter has a provision for a transmission. This very knowledgeable and dependable. All transmissions are "overdrive" except Richmond Gear Street 5-speed. The Governor Recalibration Kit is designed for use in lighter weight vehicles with a low rear-end gear ratio, or if it is a conversion. The basic fixed stator Turbo 400 pump body and pump cover castings have been changed somewhat over the years. The 700R4 never has a cheap POS. 1 Star - I hated it 2 Stars - I didn't like it 3 Stars - It was OK 4 Stars - I liked it 5 Stars - I loved it. How To Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions (S A Design Workbench Series)|Cliff Ruggles our service! We want to share a special discount with you on your first purchase. Innovate LC-2 Digital Wideband Controller with Sensor – …. 47RH/47RE Info/Do it yourself thread. While serving as the smaller, lighter cousin to the 4L85E, the abundance of 4L80E transmissions manufactured between 1991. This section describes the mods needed to build a 400-500hp turbocharged L-28 motor. Remove Front Band and Low Band Apply Servos. Building A Bullet-Proof Turbo 400 With ATI Performance. Solid teflon is on the left, then scarf cut teflon, then cast-iron. Although the rear-end c-notching and tin work had been completed, Steve opted to redo some of the modifications: swapping custom mild steel bars for chrome-moly, and designing a suspension system around QA1 adjustable coilovers. BDE TH400/TH350 Adaptor for Nissan RE4R03A Bellhousings. 430 A C TURBO HYDRAMATIC 250, 250C, 350, 350C 3 SPEED RWD (Lock Up & Non Lock Up) Revision 02/2018. At some point, even the best transmissions need to be rebuilt. Out of all of those transmission variants the most common were the THM400 and THM350. The TH400 came in two wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles, passenger. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. TH400 Chrome Trans Dipstick & Tube 24". doc Author: trishah Created Date:. 4000 Stall jegs brand converter. but for dated materal it is outstanding. With Strength in mind they designed a one piece forged steel turbine hub to prevent ballooning. ) TRIVIA: most of the vehicles that came with TH-350s had chrome bumpers! turbo350only. Strong and smooth operating in both street and off-road environments, Adaptable to essentially all of the Jeep transfer cases. Discussion Starter · #1 · May 6, 2015. 408 engine : 3-99: More stroke + more cubic inches = gobs of torque. John’s Cars has developed Electrolock™, a lockup kit for the T700 transmission optimized for our V8 installations without the. schmen said: This weekend Ill be dropping my stock T56, bell housing, and Monster III clutch to sell off and help fund the TH400 Ill be putting in early next month. CNC Machined in House from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum. The TH400 is easier to build than a TH350, IMHO, in that the low/reverse piston on the TH350, which is the same exact piece in the 700R4 BTW, requires a special compressor tool to remove the snap ring holding it in place. Stage 3 TH400 – 1000 HP/TQ capable Stage III TH400 has all the features of the Stage II but includes a billet input shaft, and forward hub. C-4 Steel forward drum with bearing. , 231/242 cam,pacesetter lts and a Complete Street Performance tune and an A_VAS build. A TH400 can be converted to "switch pitch" which is a torque converter that has two different stall speeds depending on the position of the switch. This forum: Topics: 604, Posts: 604. Use it when placing your order and discover all the benefits of our company. 3 Notes on warranty SITRANS TH400 6 Operating Instructions, 06/2010, A5E01018688-02 1. The only accumulator left in the oil circuits is the 3rd accumulator which is needed to "push off" the 2nd gear band. My grandpa purchased a 1977 Chevy Silverado Camper Special brand new back in 1977. 06 first gear which is good for initial take off but this makes the transmission have the widest ratio … Continue reading GM 4-Speed Auto →. Up for Sale is a NEW Th400 Billet Aluminum and Steel Bolt Together Drag Racing Torque Converter. The 400 is extremely strong and reliable even whthout modification. Part Number: ATI-403100 2 SPEED ONLY TH400 TRANSBRAKE, INTERNAL MODIFICATIONS REQUIRED, COMPLETE WITH INSTALLATION. Naturally, we’ve compiled a list of the best mods for 2004-06 Pontiac GTO to give you some ideas to make your Goat a joy to drive and turn heads when you roll up to the drive-in. Electric fan: 2-00: Why not free up some more power? Turbo 400 : 2-00: Uh-oh, the stock 200-4R wasn't meant to go this fast. I built a 400 for my Elco project, & …. All of the transmissions come with the ability to tune each gear to your liking, get a choice of 3 torque converters, shifting valve body and a transbrake. Our wide selection of vapes for sale include great vape deals on the most sough-after brands at great prices. Turbo 400s use three tail shaft lengths; the most preferred units for a GM swap would have the short 4-inch tail shaft. While these transmissions are respected for their durability and versatility, there always comes a. 34912-01K) that gives builders easy access to five of the seven pin options discontinued by GM. I am recovering from surgery right now, so my 47RH build is on standby. Automatic transmissions use a special type of oil, called Automatic Transmission Fluid, or ATF. TURBO HYDRAMATIC 250, 250C, 350, 350C. Which brings me to my first question: 1. This is the Graboids newest modification. Most manual valve bodies with a brake eliminate the modulator. Part 1 Tools needed to rebuild TH400 Automatic Transmission Turbo 400 Blueprint Rebuild part 1 of 2 TH400 Race Build, 800-1,000 hp capable. Over the last couple years, I have been nursing a well-ridden TH400 transmission in a '74 K5 that probably should have been rebuilt after . The 4L80E transmission was first introduced in 1991 and served as a replacement for the TH400 transmission. - The 1947 - Present Chevrolet & GMC Truck Message Board Network. Automatic 3-Speed TH 375 and TH 400 9″ Tailhousing. Buy How to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions (S-A Design Workbench Series): Complete Step-By-Step Rebuild Guide by Cliff Ruggles (ISBN: 9781934709207) from Amazon's Book Store. PERFORMANCE TH400 RACING TRANSMISSION (Auto) The PerformaBuilt Hydramatic 400 Racing Transmission is a mega-performance transmission capable of +1000 RWHP. There is a seperate TCM for the allison tranny. Will a chevy np241 bolt up to any 4x4 th400 regardless. Crankshaft Coalition Wiki -- hot rod tech articles. Mike's Transmisson is the home of the worlds quickest and fastest. Careful planning and the right mix of parts can push the power close to 700 HP without exotic or costly components. The transmission bolts up to the engine without modification. 46RH 47RH 42RH Primary Governor Valve Sonnax Number 12802-01. You will need an adjustable modulator to make these adjustments. It was used in a swap behind a stock 5. TH350 to TH400 4WD Convert Kit; Skip to the end of the images gallery. 53! 3432201 400, 425, 4L80-E, 4L85-E HUB, CLUTCH THM400/425,4L80E More Information. TH400 Complete Shield Kit- SFI Certified. 3 with a trans brake like what can be had with th400 gm transmissions. 1955 Tri-Five Turbo 400 Bel-Air or 210 or 150 How to rebuild & Modify a Turbo 400. I too had thought about going to a 4l80e or th400 and even a power glide when my transmission first let go but after having great success with my extra clutches in my rebuild and holding 760 rwhp on blower, and now spraying a 400 shot of nitrous on top of it , I have decided to keep the 6l80 in the car and that is the same thing that I suggest. That truck had a 454 big block engine and a TH400 transmission in it. LIP01 135J O-Ring, Filter Pick-Up Tube. TH 350 & TH 400:PIN 92456-A #5116 WASHER (Supplied wi th Kit) 5116-18 HEX HEAD BOLT POWERGLIDE: PIN 92465 TH 350 & TH 400:PIN 92466 (Supplied with Kit). All TH 400 trans use a gear for the spedo the case is the same for the switch pitch valve body and front pumps are different I have converted chevy trans to a switch pitch unit by valve body and convertor OLDSMAN, Dec 30, 2017. Stock C7 Z06s, ZL1s, and CTS V's pull timing on pull 2 and pull 3 on the dyno due to increased heat. I don't recall what modifications he had to make, if any, The only TH400 that will bolt directly to a nailhead is the Buick ST400 made . VG30DETT bellhousing cores are available through BDE, all other types currently must be provided by the customer. The 3 speed Turbohydramatic 350 and its big brother the TH400 were some of GM's most widely used automatic transmissions from the mid 60's through the early 80's. The TH350 was mainly factory installed with small blocks and the TH400 with big blocks and high performance and heavier duty vehicles. 265-283 #871 265-283 *its TH3so, *977A TH3so. No need to buy a replacement front pump if your pump body housing is still good. The GM TH-400 transmission is considered the heavy-duty version of the Turbo Hydra-Matic 350, and the two transmissions are similar in many characteristics. Our kits can be used to convert Jaguar XJ6, XJS, or XJ40 models to TPI, TBI, carburetor, or LT1 Chevy power The only Jaguar V8 conversion kits we carry are those manufactured by Suncoast conversions. The 12-volt connection is a single spade connector just above the oil pan rail on the driver’s side about halfway back–at least that’s where it is on my TH400. The TH400 transmission had many variants along with it for other applications: TH350, TH300, TH250, TH200, 3L80, and 3L80HD. I recently picked up a Hughes-built TH400 for my current build (see signature for details). If you are going Turbo, all out Motor or adding NOS to your Toyota 3TC or 2TC. TH400 Bushings, Bearings, Thrust Washers. TH400 Full Manual Valve Body - Hughes HP2211 Driving DIY TH400 rebuild yes you can. 22 Garrett rolls out four new Stainless V-Band Entry open scroll turbine housings for their NEW G-Series G45 turbos!. Th-400 Intermediate Band I HAVE SEEN SEVERAL SITES WHICH HAVE DESCRIBED THE DUAL FEED MODIFICATION, TAKING SPRING OUT OF 2-3 ACCUMULATOR, . The donor was a wrecked 1998 Camaro z28. W elcome to the homepage of Gregoire Racing Transmissions located in Ron's Automotive on Rt. Refer to transmission manual if you are unsure of the proper installation. this causes a little alinement issue with the shift shaft. G Force Performance Products is the sole producer of G Force transmission crossmembers and adjustable transmission mounts. One step for combating restrictions in. Our buying staff is helping to find new distributors and other suppliers that are helping us to build a larger source of GM assemblies that are. mouse_zzr600 said: I believe the tunnel is the only thing that DOES NOT require modification for the TH400 swap. Be prepared to spend $1000+ for. 1969 Ford XW Falcon with Barra inline. Stage II TH400/Z32 Crossmember. LS Flexplates for TH350, TH400, or 700R4. DIY TH400 Converter feed restrictor. WARNING: This product contains nicotine. How to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions. Guys on the Buick forum tell me I can build a switch pitch in a 70's th400 case. A newly designed 7075-T651 aluminum hard coated manual valve and transbrake spool valve come standard with this brake. Aluminum Pumps for the Turbo 350 & 400 Transmission. now before I go to far there are many different ways on how to do improvements to . Cahall Performance Transmissions (CPT) specializes in performance and racing transmissions. Front driveshaft clearance will also be an area of concern due to the width of the TH400 transmission pan. Classics on Autotrader has listings for new and used Jeep CJ-7 Classics for sale near you. As in the case of our TH400, the shafts and gear sets are very durable, and, if the drum is upgraded, the power rating of the transmission . Welcome to Bowtie Overdrives, home of the worlds finest GM Automatic Overdrive Transmissions. Allows you to tailor shift points. That's why it's not a good idea to run a trans with no/low pressure to modulator. DriveShaft Shop engineers have been creating and manufacturing innovative drivetrain solutions for street and racing use for over 30 years. As with all Jake's Performance transmissions they include all new friction clutches, bands, steel plates, soft parts, filter, modulator (if applicable), as well as hydraulic upgrades, and other modifications depending on power level. How To Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions (S A Design Workbench Series)|Cliff Ruggles, Miss Chance|Simon Barnes, On The Wings Of A Butterfly [The S. Easily installs through the governor cover that is located on the side of. Turbo 400 Transmission: Static Cam Low Roller Clutch. Fitment: C3 Corvette w/ Automatic TH-400 Transmission. Full Manual, Dual Feed, Highlights …. Spin-On filter mount will require subframe bracing modifications on G35 Coupes and 350Z, otherwise select a remote filter arrangement) . How to Rebuild and Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions by S-A Design®. Share | are exact or better OE style replacements and will work with OE mating parts and competition-type shifters with no modifications to the case. Aftermarket building techniques take it well past that figure. Set clutch pack clearance between. it will be necissary to change and reposition idler pully for emergency brake cable attached to firewall. Because torque converter charge pressure is a derivative of line pressure, increases in line pressure. with a 472”/500” Cadillac engine and TH-400 transmission. Over the coming days, we are investigating another way to fit a TH400's to a Barra. My '82 has a bearing strap type slip yoke but it uses smaller u-joints. then I started to find the depth of the plate and the collar that would be required. Building the Bombproof TH400. Might be easier to just replace the tube and dipstick just to be safe. Determine Whether Lube Hole Modification is Necessary The two lube holes on the output shaft feed lube oil into the center of the output shaft and forward into the planetaries and rear section of the. 700R4 Governor, TH400 Governor, TH350 Governor, AOD Governor. There always comes a time when the old transmission shows signs of wear. 4L V8 turbo diesel, so couldn't really find a good. Anyone have a step by step how to modify a Governor on a th400 to hold first gear longer? Right now behind a small block chevy it will shift by its self at 5000, shift if firm, but than shifting from 2-3 you have to click the shifter at 6400 to have it shift at 6800. A lockup TC seems to make sense, but I dont want to spend big bucks on a new tranny. It is a fluid release design with the shortest and fastest flow path in the industry generating quick accurate transbrake release times every time. Using a 5/1618 tap, thread the passage to a depth of approximately. I replaced my TH400 with the 200-4R. Rebuilt GM TH400 "Turbo 400" Automatic Transmission. Prepping A Coyote Mustang For The Strip With An ATI TH400 Gearbox. This adapter is used when replacing a TH400 with a 4L80E. • (1) Hipster's Turbo 400 Transbrake Valvebody, • (1) 5/16" Check Ball (Pre-Installed, Greased in Place), • (1) Separator Plate, • (16) Heavy Direct Drum Return Springs, Modify stock T400 manual valve as shown in the drawing below. So, the name ST400 and TH400 are synonymous. I've read through every thread I have found on the topic and for the most part everything looks pretty cut and dry for the most part. TH400 X TOYOTA L/C 10 SPLINE. Portal Axles are the ultimate upgrade for your GU Nissan Patrol developed and manufactured by Marks 4WD. Diagrams supplied by General Motors and ATSG have been noted and are the property of the credited entity. This valve body is the ultimate for all TranzBrake legal classes in Drag Racing. It has some interesting DIY mods you can do when rebuilding a TH400. While you are there replace your piston rings, all engine bearings and oil seals. AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUID: There are two kits, one for pre-1988 TH400 (B&M #20260) and one for post-1988 (B&M #20261). Allows full engine braking in Second and Third gear only. Our Process: All of our transmissions are fully . How to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions is written by Cliff Ruggles and published by S-A Design. At the yard do you advise I take the whole transmission or just the desired parts from within it like the torque converter, front pump, etc. 2 or 3 Speed Turbo 400 with Ultra Bell. Interior mods: 7-98: Autometer gauges, B&M shifter, Grant wheel. The standard unit is a select core, race prepped trans case with all surfaces polished for seals and lapped to ensure an excellent seal in the valve body area. SPECIAL NOTE: The components packaged in this kit have been assembled and machined for specific type of conversions. Available in Driver or Passenger Side Orientation. This fits all GM Turbo 400 transmissions to manufacturer specifications. Ruggles walks through the step-by-step rebuild and performance upgrade procedures in a series of full-color photos. GM TH400 RACING Trans, CHEVY CASE,SHORT SHAFT, 900HP RATED, BILLET REVERSE PATTERN TRANSBRAKE WITH ENGINE BRAKING , 34 ELEMENT SPRAGUE. any performance modifications were made to the transmission. 408 Front Mount - TH400 Build 3. Jump to Latest Follow Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Full Forum Listing. GM TH TECHINCAL Transmission Case and External Parts Legend. Page 5- got tired of my 2014 l99 so General Automotive + Other Cars Discussion. plus you have more selectable ranges and better effiency. Intake - K&N air filter Mounted directly to air meter Vane Air Meter Stock SVO 3" (E4ZZ-12B529-A) Throttle Body Stock Intake Manifold 86 style, ported lower half, gutted upper half. First, record your vehicle’s performance before you make any modifications. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Our “stock” rebuild is strong enough for over 600 HP repeatedly yet functions like a stock . The TH-700R-4 (four speed) 1st gear is lower than the TH-400. Just wondering what everyone else thinks Thanks. Best performance to date has been 10. It was designed with a three-element turbine torque converter mated to a epicyclic planetary geartrain, thus delivering three forward speeds plus reverse. I've done the same modifications before I knew better. wanting to do the th400 swap and toss this 60e, shes tired and defienatly wont hold up to the new motor. Generally speaking, a 700R4/4L60E transmission will fit most applications that originally contained a TH350/TH400,” concurs Winstead, adding,”The 4L80E will not require many modifications in early A-body and F-body applications. Its identification, for instance, helps you to differentiate this one-piece unit from other transmissions launched by General Motors. Perform the same modification to the 1-2 accumulator housing. The Rochester Quadrajet carburetor was found perched atop the engine of many a classic GM performance vehicle. Swapping from a TH350 short tail to a TH700-R4 will require shortening the driveshaft 3". 08:1 and third gear is an even 1 to 1. Turbo 400 TH400 Transmission Rebuild and Repair Handbook. these are the Rods that will get you 400+ Wheel Horsepower Reliably! $319. When I dual feed a TH400 or TH350, I disable the 2-3 accumulator. Over the last 50 years, literally millions of GM cars and trucks have beenbuilt with Turbo 400 automatic transmissions. And you have to grab the pedal assembly and BCM for the drive by wire setup. The B&M Governor Recalibration Kit allows adjustment of the full throttle shift points on GM TH700R4, TH400, and TH350 transmissions. Advantages to the Super T-10 over the older units were hardened gears, hardened cases, and the additional ratios. More bounding into the case at one side than the other. ATI Performance Products Introduces Turbo 400 Small Parts 7/15/2015 Baltimore, MD. Not many tranny peeps do all the mods, as they are somewhat little known. This Torque Converter is Super Nice and Well Built. I am running a TH400 with a B&M anti ballooning 4000 Stahl converter and love the combination. You are basically recreating a 67 GS 400. All other sizes and power levels avaialble. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They are intended to eliminate the hassle of having to swap driveshafts when swapping between a …. Let's talk about TH400 trans to 4 speed conversions. 3L Turbo Ford: by Carl Morris and Joe Morgan. Th400 Transmission Parts Diagram. 3L,auto, Electric fan, cherry bomb turbo muffler, rear disc swap, powertrax lock-right locker, and no more cv joints WOOT. Finding the right Th400 Rebuild Kit out of many on the market is a daunting task. How to Rebuild & Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions : Cliff. Kick down solenoid is a good item to check though. These transmissions mate a three-element turbine torque converter to a Simpson planetary geartrain, providing three forward speeds plus reverse. Under the hood (stock 140 to 150rwkw) The R34 GTT replaced the Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25T and features a upgraded version of the RB25DET. com, One Of The Largest Online Retailers of. modifications shown here, and the prop-er caliber of torque converter, 700 lb. modify firewall as shown in illustration "a". The Oldsmobile TH400 I used had a frost plug in the case hole and no gear on the shaft. The wiring aspect of any LS swap is undoubtedly the most difficult. THE (1-2) MODIFICATION IS SUPPOSED TO ALLOW YOU TO HOLD 1st GEAR TO ANY RPM AND ALLOW DOWNSHIFTING TO 1st FROM ANY SPEED AND INVOLVES REMOVING THE VALVE, GRINDING 2 FLATS ON THE OUTER PART OF VALVE, DRILLING THE CORRESPONDING HOLE IN V. Factory Stage1 Registry GS Information Page. The 4L80E is just a longer, heavier, overdrive version of the TH-400. What you guys think about the stroker motors vs the v8 I have heard good things about the stroker motor. Some sub-assemblies require special procedures and tools, such as the removal of the snap rings above the spring cage using a …. Sonnax high performance transmission products meet the toughest challenges faced by hard-working, daily-use transmissions as well as powerhouse racing units going all-out on the street or track. Use a 3/8 nut that is ground down slightly on the outer diameter to hold the piston down in the bore. Oh the reason I had to ask was from a search i …. Description: 1955-1957 Bel-Air or 210 or 150 Turbo 400 1955-1972 Chevy or GMC Turbo 400 1958-1972 Impala or Caprice or Bel-Air or Del-Ray or Biscayne Turbo 400 1964-1972 Chevelle or Malibu or El Camino Turbo. Not only will an Overdrive Transmission improve your performance, but it will reduce your fuel consumption by up to 33%. The TH400 was phased out for the 1980 models, when the A-727 replaced the TH-400 as the only automatic transmission option for both the SJ Wagoneer/Cherokee wagons and the J-10/J-20 trucks. It is the ONLY standard that can be duplicated by the entire industry - regardless of the dyno manufacturer. SQR01 128H Filler Tube Seal Multi Lip 64-98 1 TH125. drilled 2nd and 3rd clutch feeds in the spacer plate to 3/16", ground a flat on the 1-2 shift valve, plugged bleed off hole in back of valve body with 3/16" set screw, disabled the 2-3 accumulator by blocking feed with steel ball, shimmed front servo return spring with 1/8" spacer in case, 3 check balls,. Before we get into the build, you may be wondering why the Turbo 400 has become a go-to automatic transmission for so many race teams, from fast bracket racers all the way up to 4,000 horsepower Pro Modifieds. Low speed torque is maybe what to worry about. Part# CH22234 and CH22235 are for Chevelle and El Caminos that have been converted to a 700-R4 transmission. Whether you're coming in for a stock rebuild or one of our performance builds, we promise that you will be completely satisfied. These units have very few weaknesses. You could try the TH350/205 combo, but I'm not 100% what you have in your arsenal will work. Stage 3 (competition) mods just don't work well on the road. The only difference was the TV cable has to attach to the carb correctlly. This model is a full manual shift with reverse valve body transbrake for race use, or for those who prefer to shift manually at all time. You need to drill the feed holes shown in this picture. After trying another Turbo 400 governor that had shifted much higher in its original application without any luck, we decided the best way to …. Common Stage1 Features - 1969-1974. Bellhousing, Case and Valve Body options available. Turbo 400 Valvebody Modifications. 75), stiffer valve springs (used a dual spring setup), rejetted carburetor, recurved …. Includes transmission identification guide and interchange …. The TH400 doesn't have a lock up converter, so driving around with a high stall requires a good tranny cooler. The front two bolts were left in place, then with the drain pan under the trans slowly loosen the last two bolts and the fluid will drain off the rear lip of the pan in an. The right transmission builder can make all the difference. Plenty discussion in the forums on this. 350Z / G35 LSx BASIC Swap Kit. Tech Info and Shop Builds Found Here!!! About LOJ All Videos. Well it looks like the motor will need to come out for the mods I want to do, and then I MAW detail . The 80 needs rewiring or an adapter harness. The main difference is the NEO head which has a new varible valve timing system, revised cam profiles, and solid lifters. The JW Ultra bell is a complete replacement bellhousing that is also a SFI certified flexplate shield. From a performance aspect, the stage1 option consisted of larger valves in the heads (1970-up 455 engines only: intake valves increased from 2. These include internal parts and external components such as shift kits and torque converters that will help you make your transmission perform at its best. R few experimenters are even running 1 , 200 supercharged horsepower through t heir highly modified 400s on the strip ono at truck-and-tractor nulls Today, there are basic upgrades which should be done to any 400 that. Handling all that torque is the highly-capable 700R4 automatic transmission which then sends the power back to a 12 bolt rear with a 3. A chrome plated dipstick that fits all GM TH400 Turbo Transmissions. The Buick 400 engine is the same size and has the same mounting points as a Buick 455. I could start in drive (3rd) and pull with no problem. From track-proven shafts and servos to game-changing gear sets and shift upgrades, Sonnax is the most trusted name in transmission performance. Loom Adapter USCAR Inj to Honda/Keihin Loom. Automatic Transmission - TH400 Common Upgrades? - I am getting ready to have a TH400 built for my 98 Trans Am. You can also get free proofreading and free revisions and a free title page. Auto or manual can be selected, but at the bottom of the screen, it says this: 439 - ECM Transmission Type: Transmission fitted to vehicle …. On a Th400 line pressure goes through the roof with the modulator blocked. they stuffed 8 bolts in the crankshaft bolt pattern, seems like over kill but they must have known. ATF even provides the connection between the engine and transmission, through a hydraulic coupling called a torque converter. How to Rebuild Modify GM Turbo 400 Transmissions Book Summary/Review: Enthusiasts have embraced the GM Turbo 400 automatics for years, and the popularity of these transmissions is not slowing down. Year, Make, Model, Category & Part Type. Electronic Fuel Injection Conversion Parts. This solid mount is the perfect piece to connect your PowerGlide, TH350 or TH400 to a Stifflers crossmember. loudbang, Donuts & Peelouts and squirrel like this. Was an extra clutch disk added in 70'?. Download Gm Turbo 350 Transmissions books , Although not quite the stout heavy-duty performer as its big brother, the Turbo 400, the Turbo 350 transmission is a fine, durable, capable, and when modified, stout. Dad (Dennis Taylor) and I went down to Jake's Performance in Sanger, TX and spent a few days building our new transmissions. Cast iron is what most kits will contain, and what was used stock in most TH400's. At first, I thought this was an easy swap. Because TCI®’s TH-350, TH-400 and TH-700R4 Shift Point Adjustment Kit contains several shift point combinations it is important for you to record certain data. SECTION A DISASSEMBLY AND INSPECTION OF THE OIL PUMP Figure 10A-1 is the master schematic of the oil pump and related components. Chevs of the 40s: R4995 - CHROME GM TURBO 400 TRANSMISSION DIPSTICK -24" LONG. Turbo 400 on sale with Free Shipping, Now offering TH400, TH-400, Monster 400 Transmission, heavy duty Th400 and heavy duty Turbo 400 with new lower prices. Tech: Building A Drag Race Turbo 400 With Hughes. If anyone cares to understand the lineage and design history of the General Motors 4L80, most parts are interchangeable between the TH400 and the 4L80. After 1981, the T-4, T-176, and T-5 5 speed were used. A 12 valve Cummins will make 450 ft. This is why you remain in the best website to look the unbelievable book to have. The list of modifications in this section is guidelines and outline minimal modifications to have a reliable motor. You have to hammer the mess out of the tunnel for the main cable connector to clear. KMJ Performance :: Dipsticks :: Transmission Dipsticks :: GM Chevy Turbo 400 Billet Transmission Dipstick TH400. Variations include the option to take the motor to 415ci, 421ci or even 434 cubic inches if so desired. if you disconnect it, it will throw codes though. Due to these casting changes, not all of the . The book lists 5 clutch disks for both the direct and forward clutches (which is what the kit has), but the transmission had 6 disks in the direct clutch. "-Speed) Transmission Cross Member End Bracket part Recommendations for Common Conversions '198.